Sokosignal is out on Steam and There is a demo on that you could try!


It has been some time since our last release but we are back with a new game - Sokosignal, a sokoban variant with a signal sending mechanic. The game has a Steam page and can be wishlisted. More information is available in the Games section of the website.


OCTOPTICOM is out on Steam.


Our new game OCTOPTICOM is available on!


WIL for Windows is available on Steam!


WIL is on now Steam Greenlight and the Demo is available for download!


We are currently working on a PC game called "WIL". It's almost ready! Find out more about "WIL" in our game section.
- You can watch gameplay videos, or see the screenshots in the media section.
- You can meet with the characters who are in the game by visiting our interactive "characters" section.
- The story of the game has been written on an ancient papyrus. You have the exclusive opportunity to see it by clicking on the "Story" picture in the section about the game.